A lot of the small projects I have contain files I share with you. On this page you can find all my downloadable files, from development projects to photos and videos. I have separated them in five categories:

  • Development: Source files from projects I create.
  • Graphics: I’m not even close to being a graphic designer, but I try my best when I fool around with programs like Photoshop. Here you can find stuff like stream layouts, banners and more.
  • Photos: Thanks to my father, and recently my mother as well I like to take photographs. Not only because it means I won’t be in the picture, but it’s nice to take a snapshot to look back at later. I’ll share a bunch of photos here which can be downloaded and used freely as long as you mention my website whenever you use them.
  • Videos: Shooting footage of a sunset, cars passing by or other things is something I like to do as well. These videos can be used for videos or at a later point for projects. Feel free to use the videos on this page as long as you mention my website when you use them.
  • Other: Here I’ll place anything that doesn’t fit the four categories mentioned before. Could be something like documents (Curriculum Vitae, Excel Finance Sheet, etc.) or maybe even sound clips or something.


As mentioned, you can use anything I offer on these pages. Just add my website to it whenever you use them. I might add the specific conditions for using my files to each downloadable file. All the buttons are direct downloads.


Coming soon…


Coming soon…


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Coming soon…

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